Vocal Cords Healed!

Hey guys,

Praise the Lord!! My vocal cords are healed. From last September 2016 to January 2017, I couldn't sing due to vocal cord strain. I had never experienced anything like that before. For someone who loves to sing, it discouraged me on a whole new level. Many of you prayed for me and encouraged me during this time. The best way to thank you for your prayers and the Lord for His healing is to use my voice to honor and glorify Jesus. Here is a cover of Michael Card's song, "Jubilee". May this song bless you as it has me!

Your servant of songs,


Hello Friends,

What's been going on in my world lately? Well.....glad you asked!

For the past TWO months I have been talking to my family & friends via a portable dry erase board. Why?.....GOOD QUESTION...vocal cord problems.

                  I was singing until late one night in early Sept. and started feeling my cords start to swell.

I stopped singing, drank some water and didn't think much about it.

      I went to bed......but, the next morning I couldn't hardly speak.

As my day progressed, I felt a feeling I never felt before...vocal fatigue.
                                            I DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE!

Scared to death that I may never sing again, I searched the internet for answers (NEVER DO THAT!), asked friends for advice (THAT WAS GOOD!), went twice to an ENT (SHE COULDN'T HELP) but....she did refer me to another ENT who specializes in vocal cord damage

Long story short.....I've been on vocal rest again for the past two weeks per doctor's orders. He looked at my cords via fiber-optic camera through my nostril (DID NOT FEEL GOOD!

                      He said, my cords had hardened but there is no permanent damage (nodules, polyps, etc..). I go back to him tomorrow for a check-up. Praying for good news and......
                                                     GET OFF THIS VOCAL REST!


Songwriting Workshop in Tochigi

I recently went to a songwriting workshop in Tochigi-ken. It took place over 3 days. We split into three groups and wrote as many songs. It was a great experience to collaborate with Japanese Christians who are excited to write songs about our Lord Jesus.

Just like there is a spoken heart language among people groups, I believe there is a musical heart language among people groups. Music is a way into a person's soul like no other art form. It has a way of opening the heart and allowing the Spirit of God to convict and encourage. Maybe that is why so much of the Bible is made of songs and why God Himself sings over us (Zeph. 3:17). No wonder so many of God's people love music; our God is a singer.

I really believe we are on the verge of seeing Japanese believers write songs that will help open this nation to the gospel like never before. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that a song is going to win the whole nation of Japan to Jesus but, I do believe that art and especially music highly influences countries. I know that God is moving His people in Japan to write songs. The Japanese Christian musicians are sensing a deep need to write worship songs that are distinctly Japanese and that will not only communicate to the Body of Christ but will also attract non-believing Japanese people to Jesus. I think music will be one of the ways that God uses to move in this nation in a mighty way.
I love it!!! I want to do what I can to help encourage this movement.


Demo Tutorial/Cover of "Jesus" by Chris Tomlin

Greetings from Japan!

I have been excited about this new song by Chris Tomlin since I found out about it because... it is explicitly about Jesus.

Many of you know that I and my family are evangelical missionaries in Japan. I use music as a part of my ministry here to share Jesus. This is a song I can sing and use to share testimonies about my Savior. As you listen to or play this song, I want you to remember Japan.

Japan is a country of about 127 million people where only 1/2 of 1% know Jesus. It is an unreached people group where most have not even heard the name of Jesus. Many of the ones who have heard His name are afraid to put their trust in Him because it might interfere with relationships they have with family and friends because of generations of Buddhist tradition. There are many other barriers to the gospel in Japan that I will not go into here.

Jesus, our Creator and Savior, is the answer to life's problems. "He stands in the fire beside us. He carries our healing in His hands."
I want to ask you to pray with me that the Japanese people might come to Him. The only way to tear down spiritual strongholds is through prayer. Here is a link to the imb.or/pray page and specific requests for Japan:
Pray For the Japanese

If you decide you want to share Jesus with Japanese personally as a volunteer missionary click the "Go" button on that same page and then click "mission trip resources" at the top of the page. You will be given information about how you can do a short-term mission trip.

ありがとうございます (Thank You Very Much),


"Jesus" by Chris Tomlin (Ab)
[capo 1st fret using G shapes]

Verse 1
                  G                                C9
There is a truth older than the ages
                  G                                         C9
There is a promise of things yet to come
               A7sus4                      Em7   C9
There is one born for our salvation
G    G/B C9
                  G                                            C9
There is a light that overwhelms the darkness
                  G                                    C9
There is a kingdom that forever reigns
               A7sus4                                        Em7    C9
There is freedom from the chains that bind us
G     G/B

G/B C9
Who walks on the waters
Em7 D                             D11/F#
Who speaks to the sea
         G                          D11/F#  Em7
Who stands in the fire be     side me
G/B C9
He  roars like a lion
Em7 D                           D11/F#
He  bled as the Lamb
      G                 D11/F#    Em7           G/B
He carries my healing in His hands

Verse 2
                   G                                     C9
There is a name I call in times of trouble
                  G                                            C9
There is a song that comforts in the night
                  A7sus4                                            Em7   C9
There is a voice that calms the storm that rages
           G          C9
He is Jesus, Jesus


My Savior
               G         D11/F#  Em7
There is power in Your name
                  C9                   Dsus4
You're my rock and my Redeemer
               G         D11/F#  Em7
There is power in Your name
In Your name


2016 Jozenji Street Jazz Festival

Well, it's time to start making videos again in order to audition for the 2016 Jozenji Street Jazz Festival. The JSJF takes place every September here in Sendai, Japan.  Instead of mailing in DVDs, they allow you to audition using your Youtube channel. Hope you like this old Bob Kilpatrick praise song.

Thanks for listening,

Well, here it is June already. Scott and I did get to perform again but unfortunately my video camera stopped working a week before we were to perform and I still haven't been able to find any place that can get it going again. Below is a picture of us singing, "Could It Be",by Michael Card. I love singing with Scott. He was kind enough to lend his voice to a song I wrote and recently recorded called "NowN4ever". You will be able to hear it when this current project is finally done. It has been a long time in the making and still has a ways to go as I'm using musicians from America and Japan on the album.

Blessings and TFL,


Performing @ Cross Timber Baptist Church

Happy Easter,

I had a great time, recently, performing "The Nazarene" by Michael Card with Scott Smith, one of the amazing members at Cross Timber Baptist Church. Scott is a natural when it comes to harmony. He hears a melody and can instantly hit the 3rd or even the 5th harmony. What a range! I hope to upload a video of the next song we do together before we head back to Japan in June.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”