2016 Jozenji Street Jazz Festival

Well, it's time to start making videos again in order to audition for the 2016 Jozenji Street Jazz Festival. The JSJF takes place every September here in Sendai, Japan.  Instead of mailing in DVDs, they allow you to audition using your Youtube channel. Hope you like this old Bob Kilpatrick praise song.

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Well, here it is June already. Scott and I did get to perform again but unfortunately my video camera stopped working a week before we were to perform and I still haven't been able to find any place that can get it going again. Below is a picture of us singing, "Could It Be",by Michael Card. I love singing with Scott. He was kind enough to lend his voice to a song I wrote and recently recorded called "NowN4ever". You will be able to hear it when this current project is finally done. It has been a long time in the making and still has a ways to go as I'm using musicians from America and Japan on the album.

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Performing @ Cross Timber Baptist Church

Happy Easter,

I had a great time, recently, performing "The Nazarene" by Michael Card with Scott Smith, one of the amazing members at Cross Timber Baptist Church. Scott is a natural when it comes to harmony. He hears a melody and can instantly hit the 3rd or even the 5th harmony. What a range! I hope to upload a video of the next song we do together before we head back to Japan in June.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” 




I pray you guys had a great 2014 and are looking forward to a blessed 2015. I'm on my way working through my new year's resolutions for 2015. It's always the same things....read through the Bible, eat healthy and exercise regularly. I usually do well with my resolutions but for various reasons I don't always meet my life/ministry goals. Those are different you know! Let's press on in 2015 accomplishing challenging achievable goals for the sake of the Kingdom.

I want to share some of the books, movies and music that were a blessing to me during 2014. I hope they will be the same for you.

Books:  The Bible- read it cover to cover. It will change your life.
             Night by Elie Wiesel- Winner of the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize (1st hand account of Elie with his                                                       father in German camps at the end of WWII.)
             Radical by David Platt- Platt is the new president of the International Mission Board. This book will                                                   convict you and challenge your understanding of what a Biblical Christian is                                                   as opposed to an American Christian.

Movies:  The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - An excellent picture of selfishness vs. selflessness.
                God Is Not Dead- A very well made and encouraging movie about a 1st semester college student                                               who stands up against his atheistic philosophy professor. Good acting,                                                           directing and screen play.
               Captain Phillips - A true story about Captain Richard Phillips and the hijacking of a US flagship                                               by Somali pirates. Tom hanks is convincing as Captain Phillips. It is a                                               must see for anyone like me who loves historical films.

Music: Fading West by Switchfoot released Jan. 2014 - Fading West is not my favorite Switchfoot album.                                                                                         In fact, it is my least favorite for various                                                                                                         reasons which mostly include production choices.                                                                                         But, I believe in  Switchfoot's ministry, the                                                                                                     message they communicate through their music                                                                                             and the dynamic relationship each member has                                                                                             with Christ.
             Resurrection by Sons of Korah - A great modern folk worship album.
             Anything by Levi Weaver - He has had 8 self-released albums. His music can't really be                                                                          categorized but it often has an acoustic/folksy flavor. His music is                                                                  lyrically driven with a purpose to influence his audience in a positive                                                              way. He is also very creative with his song arrangements. Give him a                                                            listen and tell me what you think.

I am praying that all through out 2015 you will be blessed beyond measure with the presence of God and an intimacy with Him like you have never known.

Blessings and thanks for listening,

Hey everyone,

It's been great being back in the States for a while. I've had many opportunities to encourage the Body through music since being back. Performing solo and with our church's praise band has been a tremendous blessing for me. I've also posted a couple of new videos on my youtube channel. So, head on over there and check those out. (You can just click the Youtube button on the left side of the screen to visit my YT channel.)

I'll be playing at our local Baptist Associational Missions meeting this Monday, November 3rd. After I lead music and perform, my wife will talk to everyone about our mission work in Japan. We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare.

CDBaby has provided everyone who distributes through them new music players. On the left side of the screen you can click any song and hear it in its entirety. You can also follow the link to download the ep for free.

If you want to get in touch with me, please leave a comment or use the email at the bottom right of this page. I'd love to hear from you!

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Hello Everyone,

God has retored all the data on my music hard drive! So, we're back in business!
I will begin recording again next month while we are in America.

Please keep praying . There is talk about outside financing for the mixing , mastoring and distribution of this project. It's all set in play doh right now but keep praying and we'll see what happens.

We are returning to the U.S. soon for a little while. So, Choumegaoka Baptist Church, where we have been attending the last 3 and a half years here in Sendai, asked if I would preach our last Sunday there. After the service the church had a farewell party for us.
 I preached on Psalm 121. At the end my message, I played a song I had written using verses from Psalm 121. Hopefully this song will end up on the current project I'm recording. 
We will miss our friends in Japan while we are in American but, God willing we'll be back soon to minister along side them once again for the salvation of the Japanese.

Blessings and thanks for listening,



Hello or Konnichiwa,

The dissappearing of digital data is otherwise known as........a hard drive crash. Up until recently, it was only intellectual knowledge for me. But, about two weeks I found out experientially the frustrations and dissappointments that follow such a tragedy. I was recording piano and bass with two excellent musicians when my external hard drive started making "hamster" noises. The hard drive is just "thinking", I assured myself. However, it was more than that as I now know. Makoto-san had just laid down a great bass guitar take (as he always does) when the "hamster" in the hard drive began to go berserk. Trying to listen back to the take we heard nothing but sparadic vocals and acoustic guitar. I looked closer at my digital mixing board and found only blank blue space.Nothing on that hard drive lived through the "crash".

Therefore, the music project I am currently working on has been postponed due to the above incident, the fact that I can't get another hard drive in Japan that fits with my American opperating system and our current transitioning back to America for a year.

I did however learn a couple of important lessons. One, don't assume things are going to turn out how you want them to turn out. James 4:15 says, "Instead, you should say, 'If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.' "Forgive me, Lord." And, two, always back up the information on your computer or hard drive.
"Thank you, Lord for these lessons and I look forward to what You want to do with these songs. May it all be for Your glory."

Thanks for listening,

To be continued.......if the Lord wills.